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  • Woodworker's Journal March/April 2024 Cover

    March/April 2024

    If you're in need of some late winter/early spring organization solutions for your home, our new issue features three projects you can build to help tidy up beautifully. We're also pleased to unveil a couple of all-new lathes from Rockler, in case woodturning is on your agenda for 2024.
  • Woodworker's Journal - January/February 2024 Issue

    January/February 2024

    Even if the weather outside is frightful this mid-winter, we hope it's not deterring you from getting into your shop and keeping busy. In this new issue of Woodworker’s Journal, we've got several projects worth your consideration, plus lots of other fresh woodworking content.
  • November/December Issue of Woodworker's Journal

    November/December 2023

    Does anything quite match the satisfaction of using your skills to make holiday gifts for family and friends? We don't think so. If you're itching to start playing Santa elf again this year, we've got some projects in this new issue that may help spark your elven creativity for the upcoming gift-giving season!
  • Woodworker's Journal September/October 2023 Issue

    September/October 2023

    Even though we didn't plan it this way, our three new projects in the October issue all will encourage you to think outside the usual woodworking "box." You'll also learn how to expand the functionality of a drill press — it's actually capable of many tasks! Have you used knife hinges or panel-raising bits before? If not, this issue will teach you how.
  • Woodworker's Journal July/August 2023 Issue

    July/August 2023

    Our new August issue focuses on projects for your home, and we've come up with some unusual and interesting options! There's plenty of fresh content to help expand your woodworking stills too, because as we all know, woodworking is a craft that always offers more opportunities for learning. So, if your summer travels involve spending many hours in a plane or car, or you're whiling away breezy afternoons in a beach chair, take your copy of the issue along. We hope it will give you reason to make a new lumber shopping list, browse or provide some engaging food for thought. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Woodworker's Journal May June 2023 Issue

    May/June 2023

    Summer is right around the corner again, thank goodness! And what better way to usher it in than with some new scratch-built yard furniture? In this new issue, you'll have a chance to do just that with a dandy upgrade to the ubiquitous Adirondack chair! We've also got useful and decorative projects for the kitchen and bedroom, plus loads more new content in our various regular departments. We hope you'll put your June copy of Woodworker's Journal to great use as part of your summer shop time.
  • March/April 2023 Issue

    March/April 2023

    One of the many benefits of woodworking is that we can personalize our projects in all sorts of ways. You'll see three shining examples of customization in the projects we're featuring in the new March/April issue. It also contains the second installments of three new article series for 2023 and introduces a fourth! We hope you'll enjoy the new content and added video bonuses for many of these articles in our "More on the Web" offerings. As our publisher enjoys saying, we hope the new issue will help you "keep on making sawdust!"
  • Woodworker's Journal January February 2023 Issue

    January/February 2023

    Don't let the effects of a cold and dreary winter dampen your woodworking spirit. If you could use some inspiration, our new February issue is chock-full of project ideas, plus a couple of new technique departments to give your ambitions a lift. So put on that warm hat, dust off some lumber you've got stashed away and let’s get down to work this weekend!
  • November/December issue of Woodworker's Journal

    November/December 2022

    While Thanksgiving might not even have come and gone yet, smart woodworkers get on those gift requests as early as possible...right? But perhaps you're at a bit of a loss this year for fresh ideas to build. Well, our new December issue might help you out of that conundrum, because we've got three projects that will be as fun to make as they will be to give!
  • Woodworker's Journal September/October 2022 issue

    September/October 2022

    As that old adage goes, there's no time like the present, and it certainly applies to woodworking. Our new October issue can help you get an early start on holiday gift-making or even create a convenient foldaway bed for company to come. And if you've been putting off making a crosscut sled — one of the handiest jigs for any table saw — we offer plans to make that a reality right now. Let us help you enjoy every minute of your shop time this fall!
  • Woodworker's Journal Magazine - July/August 2022 Issue

    July/August 2022

    In the midst of golf outings, yardwork, trips to your favorite fishing hole or other vacations you might be taking this summer, hopefully your shop is also a destination for relaxing and unwinding. To that end, our new August issue offers plentiful content to keep you building, learning something new about the craft or planning that next big project for fall's cooler weather!
  • May/June 2022 Issue of Woodworker's Journal

    May/June 2022

    We woodworkers tend to spend a lot of time building square forms — drawer boxes, cabinet carcasses, door get the drift. That's why every so often, it's fun to break the routine. Two of our June projects — a Tansu-inspired Chest and a Mid-century Kidney Table — will give you a chance to do just that. You'll find lots of other engaging content too, to help you make the most of your shop time this summer.
  • March/April 2022 Issue

    March/April 2022

    It won't be long and spring will be in full bloom, regardless of where you live in North America. We think that's reason enough to build a handsome outdoor project to usher in warmer days, or even throw open the shop doors and try a traditional chemical staining technique you might have wondered about but never tried. You'll find both opportunities in the April issue!
  • February 2022 issue of Woodworker's Journal

    January/February 2022

    If you’re feeling cooped up this mid-winter, perhaps it’s time to dive into a substantial woodworking project to give your creative energies an outlet. Or make a concerted effort to learn something new about this great craft. Either way, the February issue of Woodworker’s Journal will have you covered as we pass the time until spring!
  • December 2021 Issue

    November/December 2021

    We wouldn't be doing our December issue justice if it didn't include plenty of economical, fun-to-build gift projects for the upcoming holiday season. So that’s just what you'll find in this new issue — plus a handsome dining room table and plenty of other woodworking content to keep you busy as 2021 draws to a close.
  • Woodworker's Journal - September-October 2021

    September/October 2021

    With any luck, Fall 2021 will involve workers returning to corporate spaces and students to in-person classes, as the impact of the global pandemic lessens. Still, many of you may continue to work from home at least a few days each week. If you do, we're sharing two very different options for standing desk projects in this issue. And if someone in your household sews, our Compact Sewing Cabinet might be just the ticket to enhance that home-based craft!
  • July/August 2021

    This issue's shelf, coat hook and lamp projects can help beautify your home in small ways. But all three of these accent pieces teach valuable woodworking techniques as an added benefit. Consider "summer school" to be in session!
  • May/June 2021

    In spite of all its drawbacks, the pandemic has prompted many folks to try woodworking on for size as a new hobby. If you're one of these newbies, several projects in this issue will help you build some good woodworking skills as you make new things for your shop and yard.
  • Woodworker's Journal March April 2021 Issue

    March/April 2021

    Springtime offers the perfect "fresh start" frame of mind for woodworking. And in the spirit of trying something new, our April issue gives you chances to dabble in routing, segmented bowl turning and basic veneering techniques. We'll also help you get back outside with an outdoor table project that looks great while it keeps you cool. Enjoy!
  • Woodworker's Journal January-February 2021 Issue Cover

    January/February 2021

    If 2021 is your year to kick a budding woodworking hobby into higher gear, several articles in our new issue will help grow your skills and knowledge base. But, for those of us with lots of shop years under our belts, the February issue also offers several more challenging projects.
  • Woodworker's Journal November/December 2020 Issue Cover

    November/December 2020

    ‘Tis the season to build gifts, and in this new issue you’ll have plenty of easy-to-build options! Good sense should dictate getting a head start on them as soon as possible, but we’ve got you covered — even if the holidays are already in full swing.
  • September/October 2020

    At the moment, it’s hard to predict what Fall 2020 will bring, but chances are good that we’ll all be continuing to socially distance to stay healthy. What better time to keep busy in the shop building one or more of our October issue’s projects and boning up on your general woodworking knowledge.
  • July/August 2020

    As summer reaches its zenith during this unparalleled year, you might be spending more time in your shop than you would under more "normal" circumstances. We hope our August issue's content will encourage you to try a few new techniques, go "all in" on some of our projects and of course, stay motivated in this wonderful craft. We'll call it distraction of the best sort!
  • May/June 2020

    There have been other troubling times in history, but many of us have not seen them to this extent before or this close to home. Hopefully these “shelter-in-place” circumstances we’re in are providing you opportunities to stay productive in your workshops. Woodworking can help us all remain positive about the future. To that end, we hope our May/June issue can be a source of inspiration for your creativity.
  • March/April 2020

    In the spirit of new beginnings, the March/April issue of Woodworker’s Journal features several projects that use new-to-market hardware or offer techniques you might not have tried before. We hope they encourage you to get out to the shop and explore something new this spring!
  • January/February 2020

    One way to beat the mid-winder doldrums is to get out to the shop, crank up the heater and make something! To that end, the January/February issue of Woodworker’s Journal is dedicated to “back to the shop” project ideas and content.
  • November/December 2019

    Need some inspiration for quick, creative projects you can build for the upcoming holidays? If so, we’re happy to offer five solutions in the November/December issue of Woodworker’s Journal. Or maybe someone near and dear could really use a hint or two about gifts you’d like to receive. Then be sure to refer to our three-page holiday gift guide as well as the new woodworking tools and supplies featured in “What’s In Store.” There’s bound to be something here that could make your woodworking pastime even better than it already is.
  • September/October 2019

    In the September/October issue of Woodworker’s Journal, our projects run the gamut — from a practical wall storage unit for your shop to an esoteric take on a tree trunk table that gives you good reason to try your hand at power carving. Our woodturning columnist completes his three-part series on cored bowls, and we take a closer look at band saw blades, power nailer options and making segmented bowls on a scroll saw.
  • July/August 2019

    In the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find projects that reflect the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, like a Tambour Console Cabinet and a Modern Coffee Table, as well as timeless solutions like an Over-the-Sink Cutting Board, as well as a Little Lending Library that would look at home in your yard this summer. Check out our woodturning columnist’s instructions on coring multiple bowls out of one burl, learn what woods to choose for outdoor projects, and find out which powered benchtop sander is right for you.
  • May/June 2019

    The May/June issue of Woodworker’s Journal that range from the practical, like a simple-to-make Entry Bench featuring dimensioned lumber, to the impressive, like a Limbert Style Hutch patterned after the style of one of the 20th century’s premier Arts & Crafts designers. Practice hand cutting dovetails with a Whiskey Cabinet from Anne Briggs, and build a Compact Drop-Leaf Table as a space-saving solution. Other things you’ll learn in this issue? All about drill presses, the backstory on burls, and how to craft collapsible baskets with shallow angle cuts on the scroll saw.
  • March/April 2019

    In the March/April issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find options for putting your craftsmanship to work for your shop, your home – or your yard. A Folding Adirondack Chair offers improved storage for this classic outdoor piece, while a Weathered Wood Shelf and Mid-Century Modern Dresser provide easy-to-build accents for your home – or a loved one’s. Get back to basics in the shop by building your own Wooden Hand Plane, but don’t forget to take advantage of all the safety modern technology has to offer by learning about the best choice of dust collector to protect you from wood dust. If woodturning is your jam, you can learn a technique for turning bowls with a doughnut-shaped base; and, for the scroll sawyers among you, amaze your friends by creating three-dimensional objects via a compound cutting technique.
  • January/February 2019

    For many of us, the weather outside is frightful, but that’s all the more reason to get out to the shop and work up some sweat making the projects you’ll find in the January/February 2019 issue of Woodworker’s Journal. Chris Marshall’s Router Table Organizer will help you maximize the empty space under your rolling table. Need even more shop storage? A Krenov-inspired shop cabinet will give you space to store all your hand tools. Our experts chime in with tips for the new year, including learning how to bore holes with your lathe, everything you need to know about the miter saw and thoughts on when (and where) to finish with shellac. Plus we have plans for a useful Contemporary Hall Table and instructions for making your own shop knives.
  • November/December 2018

    You’ll find great gift ideas showcased in the projects found in the November/December issue. Whether your gift recipient is a cook who would love one or more of our Three Kitchen Gifts, a gamer who could play either side of our Reversible Gameboard, or an all-out decorator who will add our Holiday Spheres to the mix, you’ll find something for nearly everyone. We also have Turned Earrings for personal ornamentation and a showstopper of a Limbert Desk. Wrapping things up in the shop for the end of the year? Take stock of how you store your finishes, and find out what’s still going to be good going into January. Plus, learn all about the router – a tool that Chris Marshall claims could be of more use than a table saw. Three Kitchen Gifts: Reward your hungry helpers this holiday season with accessories for some popular foods: a Pizza Peel, a Pizza Cutter and a Taco Holder. Reversible Gameboard: Never lose your marbles – or your cribbage pegs – with this two-sided playing board, built for both mancala and cribbage, with a slide-out storage tray. Limbert Desk Reimagined: An upsized version of a classic plan from an Arts and Crafts master, this desk will give your woodworking skills a workout. Holiday Spheres: Use your scroll saw to cut the stacked rings and solid end pieces which are assembled into ornaments. Doll Cradle: You’ll rock as the gift giver of this retro-inspired item, made from only a few sturdy pieces. Woodturning: Turned earrings are a great gift idea – plus, you’ll learn to make your own tiny tools for teeny turnings. Tool Tutorial: Find out all the tasks the versatile router can tackle, the 10 basic bits you need, and the advantages of various sizes and configurations.
  • September/October 2018

    The September/October issue of Woodworker’s Journal is full of information about your favorite hobby. You’ll learn about aspects of woodworking from how to easily cut dovetails by hand, to how to select the best band saw blades for your cut, to how to do the final turning on your now-dried green wood. Build a new Table Saw Outfeed Table for your shop, or a Classic Cherry Chest for your home. Learn how to do hot-pipe bending with a Curved Handle Serving Tray – and don’t miss our woodworking staff’s debate in our Questions & Answers section on the best way to drill for pilot holes. Table Saw Outfeed Table: YouTube personality Matt Cremona brings his live edge lumber to the shop with a slab-topped table saw outfeed table. We also present the option for a plywood top for this super-handy shop helper. Classic Cherry Chest: Hand-cut dovetails add a keepsake element to this moderately sized storage chest. Elegant Curved-Handle Serving Tray: Learn to create curves with the hot-pipe bending technique employed for this distinctive serving tray. Tool Tutorial: Learn band saw basics (what it can do, what to look for) and beyond (set up, safety and making the cut) in this overview of the shop workhorse from tool expert Sandor Nagyszalanczy. Woodturning: You’ve done a first turning, left your green wood to dry .. and now what? Now, it’s time to re-turn it to final shape, with the guidance of woodturner Ernie Conover.
  • July/August 2018

    You’ll get some time in outdoors when you make the Shou Sugi Ban table from the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal – that’s where you do the Japanese charring technique – as well as when you set it up afterward. Looking for other exterior finish options? Check out Michael Dresdner’s Finishing Thoughts column. Back indoors, we’ve got projects like a Mission style Window Bench, a Waney-Edged Box with a stunning lid and Woodturning’s Small Hollow Forms. Plus, discover what you do – and don’t – know about your drill/driver. You’ll find it all in the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal. Shou Sugi Ban Side Table: A tried-and-true Japanese finishing technique chars wood to protect it from insects, rot and the elements – a great way accent the top and legs of this outdoor table. Limbert Window Bench: A reproduction of an Arts and Crafts era piece uses angled joinery to add visual interest. The upholstered cushion is optional. Waney-Edged Box: A box’s simple lines showcase the natural edge of the wood used for the lid. Plus, learn about regulations now affecting that species – and all the rosewoods. Tool Tutorial: The drill/driver is a standby tool, not just for woodworkers, but for homeowners, DIYers – just about everyone. Learn more about this basic from Chris Marshall, including why you care about amp/hours and whether you need a hammer drill or impact driver. Woodturning: Ready to move beyond the basics of spindle turning? Small, hollow forms are a fun next step — plus, these vessels can make great gifts. Finishing Thoughts: What do you put on your projects when they’re going to live outside? Michael Dresdner walks you through the options for exterior finishes.
  • May/June 2018

    The May/June issue of Woodworker’s Journal has projects that will help you scratch that itch to get outside in the springtime: a quick-to-build Tabletop Fire Pit for your backyard gatherings and a Folding Bike Rack that has your wheels at the ready. Make an adjustment in your shop with the Router Lift Installation instructions, and learn about the shop standby tool with an overview of the table saw. Pick up some green wood drying tricks in Woodturning, and the technique for applying oil and varnish finishes in Finishing Thoughts. Tabletop Fire Pit: Get aglow about the outdoors with this easy-to-build tabletop fire pit, plus expand your woodworking skills to a new material as you route an aluminum plate for the fire pit top. Installing a Router Lift: Rob Robillard, the Concord Carpenter, walks you through a shop installation of Rockler’s cool new Pro Lift Router Lift into his his table saw’s extension table. Tool Tutorial: For many woodworkers, the table saw is the shop’s go-to tool. Learn from tool expert Sandor Nagyszalanczy about what this versatile tool can do, the features you’ll find, safety setups and usage tips. Woodturning: Can you speed up the drying time for green wood bowl blanks? Maybe … Woodturning expert Ernie Conover looks at the pros, cons and methodology of three techniques for faster or improved drying time. Delaware Chair: Kerry Pierce’s classic post-and-rung chair takes advantage of story sticks and jigs to mark off turned elements and make repetitions – for this chair or others – much easier. Folding Bike Rack: Easy-to-build storage for your two-wheeler keeps it ready to go in the garage or the back of the pickup, and folds down when not in use.
  • March/April 2018

    In the March/April issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find projects like a Track Saw Jig to optimize your shop and a new take on the Adirondack chair for spring, with two of them built at barstool height. Learn all about the lathe, including what you should look for if you’re buying one, or put your woodturning skills to use by turning a Bird’s Mouth Bowl. Take a new approach to finishing with decorative pattern rollers, make loose tenons mimic the look of wedged joinery, or circle in on a Wall Shelf inspired by the rippling patterns of water. Tall Outdoor Chair Set: In this upscaled update of an Adirondack, the classic outdoor chair is reimagined in a barstool height, with connecting tables to complete the set. Track Saw Jig: If a track saw is your go-to tool for ripping and crosscutting, you’ll increase its efficiency even more with a jig that allows for repeatable precision – no more resetting the angle with every cut. Tool Tutorial: Learn all about the lathe – what it can do, what you need to look for, how to set it up, and more – from woodturning expert Ernie Conover. Finishing Thoughts: Pattern rollers and peelable coatings add to decorative finishing options for projects made with raw or painted wood. Decorative Wedged Tenon Bench: Create the look of wedged mortise-and-tenons with a plunge router and a shop-made jig. We give you instructions as well as a sturdy little bench that features the decorative loose tenons masquerading as their classic wedged cousins. Rippling Water Wall Shelf: The ripple effect is at work in this Weekend Project, both in the concentric circle details (created with a circle-cutting jig) and in the skills you’ll develop (cutting glass, for one) for use with future projects.
  • January/February 2018

    Start your new year off right – in your shop. In the January/February issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find a mixture of classic projects – from a Coatrack to a 5-Drawer Tool Chest – and modern trends, like a Tripod Floor Lamp and an updated take on the iconic Rocking Chair. Bring out the natural beauty of your wood by learning to turn natural edge bowls, expand your tool knowledge with an overview of the scroll saw and sharpen your woodworking skills with a lesson on resawing on the band saw. Modern Rocking Chair: This updated take on an American classic uses wooden dowels to support and separate the seat from the side assemblies. Tripod Floor Lamp: A trendy three-legged lamp that’s easy to make with handheld tools, home center lumber, and a gang sanding technique. Tool Tutorial: Our tool experts introduce you to the basics and beyond of woodworking tools. First up: scroll saw expert Carole Rothman highlights how this tool can do way more than you ever thought it could. Woodturning: Bowls turned with a natural edge highlight the tree’s bark and other natural, organic features. 5-Drawer Tool Chest Till: Author Ernie Conover designed this partitioned box to protect his carving chisels, but you could find many uses for the small storage container featuring interior drawer dividers and a dadoed carcass. Classic Coatrack: The reverse inlay technique featured in this practical household addition might trick your eye into thinking the thin, light strips are inlaid into the darker walnut, but our easy instructions mean it won’t be a trick to achieve.
  • November/December 2017

    It’s the time of year when there’s an outpouring of generosity from woodworkers’ shops – and why not, when great gifts are such fun to make? In the November/December issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find the project plans and know-how to create some snazzy-looking Cutting Boards, a woodturned Kitchen Canister, a picture-frame inspired jewelry storage option, and even some bigger items like a Bookcase or Music Stand. Put your CNC to use creating some gift projects (traditional drawings also available), spread out your holiday baking on a retro-styled Folding Table, and find out the newest options in aerosol finishing as you get out the spray cans for the finishing touches. Wooden Music Stand: Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s gracefully curved stand boasts an optional hanger for a guitar (or other instrument), an adjustable music holder and sawn and steambent legs. Techniques: Marlen Kemmet creates artful cutting boards from glued-up laminates. Woodturning: Ernie Conover teaches you how to create a spindle-turned hollow form canister – no fancy specialty tools needed. Red Oak Bookcase: With standard home center lumber and just a few power tools, you can create a handsome bookcase with an Arts & Crafts-inspired style. Circular Jewelry Frame: Put those pretty scraps of wood to good use with this gift project. Chris Marshall shows you options for cutting your circle on either a router or a band saw, plus includes details on his angle-cutting jig for making miters. High-Tech Gifts: Looking for options for quick gifts? Here’s a roundup of easy-to-make ideas, complete with CNC files – or, for those of you who are still “old-school,” downloadable drawings. “Retro” Folding Table: Be prepared for parties, puzzles and more with Kimberly McNeelan’s card table kicked up a notch.
  • September/October 2017

    From showstoppers to practical solutions, you’ll find it in the September/October issue of Woodworkers Journal. Make an impact with a Slab Top Dining Table featuring the most spectacular piece of wood you can find (we’ll tell you how to deal with all those little “imperfections”), or craft a stunning Sideboard. Set up a snack station in your shop with our kitchenette Cabinet, and feed the furry family members, too, with a Dog Food Station just for them. Plus: applying flat finishes, updates in battery technology, a jig for making mortises, and more. Mid-Century Inspired Sideboard: With an ash exterior and walnut accents, plus interior, this contemporary styled sideboard uses straightforward joinery (mortise-and-tenons, dadoes, grooves and rabbets) to create a stunning storage piece. Slab Top Dining Table: Showcase a beautiful piece of lumber as the topper for this table – we walk you through the options for dealing with the special challenges presented when working with this cut of wood. Workshop “Kitchen” Cabinet: It’s no secret that snacking takes place in the shop from time to time. This practical addition gives you a “kitchenette” for a shop (or dorm room), using practical laminate plywood (aka “cabinet liner”). Dog Food Station: Feed Fido in style with this two-part dog food station: a storage box with a hinged lid provides a place for your dog food and accessories, while a dog dish holder elevates the food and water bowls for easier access. Today’s Shop: Today’s tool batteries give a high-voltage performance. Features include longer runtimes, cool running, brushless motors and more. Woodturning: No four-jaw chuck? No problem! Learn to turn a bowl with your lathe’s faceplate plus some glue blocks.
  • July/August 2017

    Find projects for your home, your shop and your summer excursions in the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal. A Prairie Style Box and an Odds and Ends Cabinet can both fulfill a variety of functions, while our Picnic Basket  -- with wheels! – is ready to hit the road. A Portable Mini Workbench can follow you outside, too. Our regular columnists give you even more info, with Michael Dresdner introducing you to techniques for six different texturized finishes, and woodturner Ernie Conover helping you create a precise measuring spoon with both spindle and faceplate turning. Picnic Basket: Pack up the picnic basket for a summertime outing! This version is traditional with a twist: author Sandor Nagyszalanczy achieves the woven wood look without the need for steam bending, and adds wheels and a pull-out handle for easier transport of all your outdoor eating supplies. Jigs & Fixtures: A Portable Mini Workbench provides a work surface for small spaces or easily transports outside. Laura Kampf shows you how to build this handy helper. Prairie Style Box: Equally at home holding jewelry or other trinkets, this architecturally styled box has beveled edges on the lid, lift and legs. Surfboard Coffee Table: The elliptical top of this Mid-Century style accent resembles a surfboard. Learn to work with mixed materials – an aluminum base supports the wooden tabletop – while creating this beachy accent for your home. Odds and Ends Cabinet: Screws, other small fasteners … all sorts of odds and ends. You know you have them, and they’re taking up space in your shop. This cabinet provides you with a place to put them – and introduces you to a blade that provides a new way to make interlocking miter joints.  Today’s Shop: Need to make a bevy of box joints? Chris Marshall gives you an up-close and personal look at the purchase options out there for manufactured box joint jigs.
  • May/June 2017

    As spring turns to summer, the May/June issue of Woodworker’s Journal looks to the outdoors, with projects ranging from a relaxing Porch Swing to a turned Birdhouse, plus a Hanging Herb Garden. Instructions on building a Small-Scale Dehumidification Kiln help you save money on your woodworking lumber, right in your backyard. Plus, our woodturning columnist provides a review of today’s mini and midi lathes. Tool Review: Woodturning columnist Ernie Conover examines the latest in 10” mini and 12” midi lathes: what’s new, what’s important, and what’s best for your shop. Summer-Ready Porch Swing: With built-in cup holders on both arms plus a contoured seat and back meant for relaxing, this outdoor addition will add some simple pleasures to many summers to come. Hanging Herb Garden: This rack of modular planters can hang from your deck, your fence, or even a sunny outdoor wall. Worried you’ll forget to water? Author Sandor Nagyszalanczy shows you to how install a drip irrigation system. Woodturning: A barrel-shaped birdhouse teaches you the coopering technique of stave construction while providing, depending on finish choice, an outdoor home for your feathered friends or an inside addition to your décor. Graceful Bar Cart: An accessory for entertaining with a top tray that removes for serving, built-in holders for stemware and wine bottles, and caster wheels for moving easily from one part of the party to the next. Small-Scale Dehumidification Kiln: If you’ve always wanted to dry your own lumber, this article’s for you. Learn how to assemble and use a shed style kiln.
  • March/April 2017

    The March/April issue of Woodworker’s Journal takes on projects for your home head-on. From the newest version of a fold-up Murphy Bed, to a Bathroom Vanity that can be adjusted to fit your plumbing, to a Shoe Storage Rack that will serve your entryway well, you’ll find home projects that are both practical and pretty. This issue also contains a clock with two timepieces, information on how to use a vacuum veneer pump and instructions on applying varnish. Our woodturning columnist revisits traditional techniques for harvesting the wood that will create freshly turned spindles, while we also introduce you to tools that incorporate the most modern Internet-connected technology. Murphy Bed: An updated version of the classic space-saving foldaway bed, with optional matching side cabinets. Bathroom Vanity: A beautiful veneered grain pattern on the false fronts of Anatole Burkin’s bathroom fixture creates the illusion of symmetry. In reality, you can customize the fit of the three graduated drawers to your own house’s plumbing. Shoe Storage Rack: Store your shoes in style with this red oak storage rack, which also provides benchtop seating. Author Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s tips to combat wood movement come in handy when creating a project from a handsome hardwood. Thinking-of-You Clock: In this case, two faces aren’t a bad thing: one clock keeps track of your own current time, while the other clock face ticks away the time in a faraway loved one’s locale. You’ll also find a chalkboard inset handy for messages and reminders, plus a place to keep your keys. Woodturning: Want to turn spindles from green wood? You can, as long as your wood has a complete annular ring. Learn how to harvest wood to get that result, plus tips for turning that green wood spindle. Technology & Woodworking: Everything’s connected these days – including tools. Chris Marshall introduces you to mobile apps for batteries and power tools that can provide diagnostics, tool tracking, dial-in settings and more.
  • January/February 2017

    In the January/February issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find classic projects with an updated twist to start your shop year off right. What better addition to your shop than a solid new Workbench? Or, perhaps you’d like to start off smaller, with a Chairside Caddy or a Classic Step Stool? The Spade Bookcase has a classic Arts and Crafts design, while a knockdown Finishing Turntable is another handy addition to your shop. Is improving your shop skills among your New Year’s resolutions? Start off by learning six methods of circle-cutting, plus find out how to use stain to “upgrade” your wood.
  • November/December 2016

    In the November/December issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find plenty of projects designed to turn your shop into “gift-making central” for the season. Look at this issue’s Holiday Gift Section, and you’ll learn how to make a Band Saw Box designed by David Picciuto, highlight your best family photos with an Inlaid Picture Frame, or stock up the kitchen with accessories like a Banana Hanger, Pasta Serving Set and a handy set of Tongs. Wondering how to finish wood items that will touch foodstuffs? Our finishing expert Michael Dresdner has that covered, while Sandor Nagyszalanczy shares tips and tricks for making sure your hardware looks handsome when you add the final touches to your projects.
  • September/October 2016

    In the September/October issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find projects like a Mid-Century Modern Nightstand and 19th Century Drop Front Desk that hark back to earlier times but work just as well for today’s uses, plus get the latest news on new tools like the JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw, Festool HK 55 Portable Circular Saw, Triton TWX7 Workcentre and NOVA 18” Voyager DVR Drill Press. And, whatever you’re building, you’ll find Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s tips and techniques for accurate measuring to be invaluable. All this, plus a Shaker Chair, a Portable Board Game Storage Box, tips on making identical turnings, and more.
  • July/August 2016

    In the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find summertime projects like a Beehive and Turned Grilling Tool Handles, as well as projects to make your house a home when you shift back inside. Read about your options in cordless brad nailers, learn how to incorporate the ancient proportions of Greek columns into your modern woodturning, discover how to correctly paint your solid body electric guitar, and more. Beehive: Do your part to save the pollinators by providing your bees with an upscale home that includes shop-made tapered lap siding. Turned Grilling Tool Handles: Demonstrate your mastery of the grill and the woodshop when you baste, flip and remove your items using a brush, spatula and tongs that feature handles you’ve turned yourself. Lighted Bookshelf: The hardware used to mount this shelf to the wall makes it appear to be floating in air, while the sliding dovetails on the bookends that support your reading material can be adjusted along the length of the shelf to store more, or fewer, books. Recesses on the bottom hold a couple of lights. Upholstered Ottoman Chest: It’s a seat, it’s storage, it’s a place to rest your feet … Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s Ottoman is all this and more, with its hollow interior, reversible lid (the other side’s flat, to be used as a tabletop) and upholstered top. Technology & Woodworking: Bosch’s new REAXX Portable Jobsite Table Saw offers a new approach to skin-sensing technology. Tool Review: Chris Marshall takes a look at the new crop of battery-powered 18-gauge brad nailers.
  • May/June 2016

    In the May/June 2016 issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find projects for indoors and outdoors, including an Adirondack Chair perfect for your yard and another chair that brings the romance of the water inside. Learn about apps and online tools that can enhance your woodworking; build helpful jigs for your shop or buy the ones our experts recommend; find out the surprising things woodworkers said about their cordless drills, and more.
  • March/April 2016

    The March/April 2016 issue of Woodworker’s Journal takes on shop tools big and small, with a cabinet meant for storing portable tools, a review of 8” jointers and a reader survey all about the table saw. You’ll also learn the technique of double bevel marquetry, be introduced to an affordable 3D printer, and build a beautiful End Table.
  • January/February 2016

    The January/February 2016 edition of Woodworker’s Journal showcases projects ranging from a bookcase you can build in a weekend, to a work station for your garage, to a stunning Arts & Crafts style dresser. Plus, learn about turning pens, what it takes to get a glossy finish, and our turning expert’s opinion on how you can make money with your hobby.
  • November/December 2015

    The holidays are fast approaching, and the November/December 2015 issue of Woodworker's Journal has you covered. Build a keepsake box, jewelry box, carousel toy, lamp and plant stand, and check out the latest in cool woodworking technology.
  • September/October 2015

    As the weather starts to cool off, heat things up in your shop. Our latest issue brings back a reader's favorite heirloom bookcase, a wall mounted wine rack (with a bottle stopper), a slab top table, an outfit table, plus information on taking up turning, new tools and more!
  • July/August 2015

    Hot off the presses for July/August, this issue features a stylish new picnic table, a Greene and Greene Nightstand, privacy shutters for your windows and a look at a cool tool to help you route dovetails.
  • May/June 2015

    Our latest issue features plans for a miter saw station, counter-height bar stool, curved front vanity, and a canoe paddle. We also review jobsite radios and share a list of great Father's Day gift ideas.
  • March/April 2015

    Build projects with both modern and classic styling; increase your productivity and upgrade your shop skills with a framing jig and instructions on using a steady rest; easily create a curved laminate; and check out the choices for the best 10” sliding compound miter saw. You’ll find all this and more in the March/April 2015 issue of Woodworker’s Journal.
  • January/February 2015

    Build a spectacular Greene and Greene-inspired Bed, maximize your shop space with an extension for your router built onto your shop’s table saw, and check-in for our 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards. All that and much more can be found in the pages of the January/February 2015 issue of Woodworker’s Journal.
  • November/December 2014

    Create custom spoons and knives, build some toys and gifts, and catch up on the latest planer/jointers and spray guns, the November/December 2014 issue will keep you busy in the shop this winter.
  • September/October 2014

    Check out the latest in track saws, learn how to build a handy lap desk and keep your shop cool in the September/October 2014 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • July/August 2014

    Making an impressive dog bed, a croquet set, or a compact hobby desk are just some of the ways we suggest you spend your Summer in the latest issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • May/June 2014

    As the summer months slowly approach, Woodworker's Journal offers some cool new projects like our Full Length Mirror and a 19th Century Shaving Box, plus our band saw reviews and five of our best finishing tips. Check it out in the May/June issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • March/April 2014

    As the weather starts to warm back up, Woodworker's Journal helps you get back into the shop with a Classic Bookcase, an interesting Wall Lamp, a simple, but effective Bedroom Valet and an Art Deco Cabinet perfect for your small shop. All that and much, much more (including tips on keeping your shop warm right now!) in the March/April 2014 issue of the Woodworker's Journal.
  • January/February 2014

    The Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine bridges the past and the future. Rob Johnstone recycles some old material for a cool cabinet, while Sandor Nagyszalanczy peers into the future of computer woodworking. Plus a lot more!
  • November/December 2013

    In the November/December 2013 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine, we'll help you get out of the cold and into the shop with some wonderful gift ideas fit for the holiday season.
  • September/October 2013

    As the Summer starts to wind down, the September/October issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine has you covered with plans like A.J. Hamler's Civil War folding table, a Veneer Paneled Blanket Chest, Ernie Conover's guide to setting up your turning shop and much, much more!
  • July/August 2013

    The July/August issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine features projects and tools for shops small and large, from building a stunning silverware case in your basement to huge equipment for milling your own lumber.
  • May/June 2013

    Many of us are still stuck in the cold, but the May/June 2013 issue of Woodworker's Journal will have you thinking about your summer woodworking projects.
  • March/April 2013

    Spring into your workshop with the March/April 2013 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine, with plenty of projects to keep your small shop running well into the summer.
  • January/February 2013

    The January/February 2013 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine contains plenty of content to keep you busy in the shop during winter months and beyond.
  • November/December 2012

    The December 2012 print issue of Woodworker's Journal offers three unique projects tailored for filling your gift list or for trimming the tree.
  • September/October 2012

    If you're looking for a sensible, yet challenging piece of furniture to build this fall, our September/October 2012 issue has you covered.
  • July/August 2012

    Take a tour of the great woodworking content you'll find in the July/August 2012 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine.
  • May/June 2012

    Field Editor Chris Marshall takes you on a quick tour of summertime projects and tool news in our May/June 2012 print issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine.
  • March/April 2012

    Rob Johnstone discusses what you'll find in the March/April 2012 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine.
  • January/February 2012

    A walnut bench, a sturdy bookcase, a review of new drill/drivers and some of the top saw accessories are featured in the January/February 2012 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine.
  • November/December 2011

    A Mission Coffee table, a sneak peak at the 2012 tools season and some holiday gift ideas warm up your shop in the November/December 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • September/October 2011

    The Woodworker's Journal staff brings you an Ultimate Planer cart, a beautiful jewelry cabinet, a look at scroll sawing on a budget and more in the September/October 2011 issue.
  • July/August 2011

    The July/August 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal takes you outdoors with a classic Adirondack chair and some great tips for finishing your outdoor projects.
  • May/June 2011

    Our experts take a look at combo nailer kits, jigsaws and dive into furniture with a Mission coffee table and a stunning Shaker dresser.
  • March/April 2011

    In the March/April 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal, we take a look at saw blades, digital tool accessories and a great Walnut chair plan.
  • January/February 2011

    A Classic Bookcase, a review of top-shelf Benchtop Drill Presses and Ian Kirby's "Three Tenets of Good Design" are featured in the January/February issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • November/December 2010

    In the November/December 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal: Building a Waney Edge Box, Some Holiday Gift Ideas and Our Best Router Tips.
  • September/October 2010

    A Game Table with a twist, a look at benchtop planers and some shop safety tips are just the start of what you'll find in the September/October 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • July/August 2010

    Features on Shaker Furniture, benchtop mortisers and outdoor projects and finishing lead the way in the July/August 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • May/June 2010

    The May/June 2010 Issue of Woodworker's Journal brings you an easy to build Kitchen Island, the Ultimate Miter Saw Stand and a look at oscillating spindle sanders and much, much more.
  • March/April 2010

    In the March/April 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal, you'll learn curved frame and panel construction, find nine products you must have in your shop and get to know some of the secrets of design.
  • January/February 2010

    Instructions for building an Ultimate Shopping Cart, learn how to deal with ten annoying shop problems, and build a Tambour Gift Box and more in the January/February 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal
  • November/December 2009

    In the November/December 2009 issue of Woodworker's Journal, it's Routermania: top router reviews, dovetail jigs as well as some cool projects.
  • September/October 2009

    A Convertible Coffee Table, a look at green finishes and an Adjustable Tenoning Jig and more can be found in the September/October 2009 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • July/August 2009

    Build a Fly Rod, organize your workshop and add a Wall Mounted Panel Press to your home in the July/August 2009 issue of Woodworkers Journal.
  • May/June 2009

    It's woodworking on a budget in the May/June issue of Woodworker's Journal, with home-made Shop Pulls, a budget Outdoor Table, and an ultimate small shop Router Table.
  • March/April 2009

    In the March/April 2009 of Woodworker's Journal, you'll get a look at the All-American table saw, build a Classic Drop Leaf table and round-up all the clamps we could get our hands on.
  • January/February 2009

    January/February 2009's Woodworker's Journal features a cool Candlestand Table, a comfortable Floating Platform Bed and a Fold-down Outfeed Table for your shop.
  • November/December 2008

    What are the 10 coolest router bits? How do you build a perfect Entry Bench? What's the secret to power waxing? Find the answers to these questions and more in the November/December 2008 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • September/October 2008

    Organize your shop with the September/October 2008 issue of Woodworker's Journal, we've got a fold up Router Table, a Router Bit Storage center and take a look at space and money saving jointer/planer combo kits.
  • July/August 2008

    Take to the shop with the July/August 2008 issue of Woodworker's Journal. We test 19 top random orbit sanders, build an Arts & Crafts Bookcase and teach the pen turning process step-by-step.
  • May/June 2008

    In the May/June 2008 issue of Woodworker's Journal, we take a look at a classic American Tool Chest, a weekend Greenhouse project, and some of the best sliding miter saws out there.
  • March/April 2008

    Follow some expensive wood from harvesting in Africa to a shop in the U.S., build a new set of kitchen cabinets, learn about 15" planers and more in the March/April 2008 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • January/February 2008

    Learn about drill presses, biscuit joiners and build a Band Saw Box in nine easy steps with the January/February 2008 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • November/December 2007

    In the November/December 2007 issue, the Woodworker's Journal staff takes a look at some top router bits, lifts and tables, make some Holiday Ornaments and design a pair of cool Tables.
  • September/October 2007

    In the September/October 2007 issue of Woodworker's Journal, we caution you against the 7 Deadly Woodworking Sins, take a look at jig-based joinery and create a perfect miter.
  • July/August 2007

    Extreme Woodworking, Lithium-Ion Tools and and an Eclectic Blanket Chest are among the interesting things you can learn about in the July/August 2007 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • May/June 2007

    Make a Torsion Box with Ian Kirby, learn more about HVLP Spray Guns and learn some tips for getting the most out of your circular saw in the May/June 2007 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • March/April 2007

    Norm Abram goes unplugged in the March/April issue of Woodworker's Journal. Also in this issue? Take a look at eight great nail guns, build a Bathroom Vanity project and more.
  • January/February 2007

    Peer into the future of woodworking with CAD drawing programs, learn about our most amazing jig yet, and we tackle a myth about band saws in the January/February 2007 issue of Woodworker's Journal.
  • November/December 2006

    The November/December 2006 issue of Woodworker's Journal is a router overload! We look at router techniques, the best trim routers out there as well as a few cool projects.
  • September/October 2006

    Projects Include: Passage Doors, 19th Century Manual Laptop, Tool Case Display
  • July/August 2006

    Projects Include: Portable Outdoor Shower, Drill Press Fence Jig, Memorial Flag Case
  • May/June 2006

    Projects Include: Easy-chair Side Table, Turned Gavel, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Box
  • March/April 2006

    Projects Include: Drop-leaf Table, Adirondack Chair, Band Saw Circle-cutting Jig
  • January/February 2006

    Projects Include: Greene and Greene-inspired Chest of Drawers, Band-sawn Bombe Jewelry Box, Smoothing Plane
  • November/December 2005

    Projects: Roycroft-style Magazine Stand, Ultimate Router Table
  • September/October 2005

    Projects: Faceplate-turned Candle Holders, Quilted Sapele Secretary Desk, Ten Board Foot Table
  • July/August 2005

    Projects Include: Arts & Crafts Hutch, Pencil Post Bed, Veneer Jointing Jig
  • May/June 2005

    Projects Include: Arts & Crafts Side Table, End-of-bed Bench, Shaker-inspired Desk
  • March/April 2005

    Projects Include: 8th Grade Step Stool, Drum Sanding Station, Hexagon Hall Tree
  • January/February 2005

    Projects Include: Memorial Podium, Easy Access Storage Bins, Arts & Crafts Stereo Cabinet
  • November/December 2004

    Projects Include: Router Jointer Jig, Horizontal Router Table
  • September/October 2004

    Projects Include: Octagonal Canisters, Arts & Crafts Workbench, Classic European Workbench
  • July/August 2004

    Projects Include: Loopback Garden Bench, Intarsia High Chair, Ultimate Angle Jig
  • May/June 2004

    Projects Include: Outdoor Swing and Arbor, Miter Saw Station, Turned Fishing Lures
  • March/April 2004

    Projects Include: Harris Lebus Library Bureau, Eastern Shore Chest, Inlaid End Tables
  • January/February 2004

    Projects Include: Tusk Tenon Table, Battery Charging Cabinet, Splined Mirror, Fluting Jig
  • November/December 2003

    Projects Include: Four Handy Shop Helpers, Dresser Valet, Rolling Lumber Rack
  • September/October 2003

    Projects Include: Entertainment Center, Coopered Door Cabinet, Rolling Accessories Cart, Steady Rest
  • July/August 2003

    Projects Include: Arts & Crafts Wine Cabinet, Serving Table and Tray, Computer Desk
  • May/June 2003

    Projects Include: Demi-lune Table, Frank Lloyd Wright Table Lamp, Barrister’s Bookcases, Miter Clamp Jig
  • March/April 2003

    Projects Include: Side Table, Trundle Bed, Arts and Crafts Clock, Shelf-pin Jig
  • January/February 2003

    Projects Include: Three-in-one Router Table, Taboret Table/Plant Stand, Arts and Crafts Picture Frame
  • November/December 2002

    Projects Include: Bombe Jewelry Box, Greene & Greene Robinson Table, Kitchen Island
  • July/August 2002

    Projects Include: Melamine Storage Cabinets, Scroll Sawn Nightlights, Bat House Bungalow
  • May/June 2002

    Projects Include: Hoosier Step Stool, Portable Outdoor Chairs, Router Table Fence, Shaker Sewing Stand
  • March/April 2002

    Projects Include: Hoosier Step Stool, Portable Outdoor Chairs, Router Table Fence, Shaker Sewing Stand
  • January/February 2002

    Projects Include: Quebec Ladderback Chair, Small Shop Clamp Cart, Arts and Crafts Side Table, Adjustable Box Joint Jig
  • November/December 2001

    Projects Include: Hollow Spiral Turned Candlestand, Picture Frame, Angler’s Cabinet, Adjustable Dado Jig
  • September/October 2001

    Projects Include: Child’s Adirondack Chair and Settee, Hinge Mortising Jig, Ruhlmann Cabinet
  • July/August 2001

    Projects Include: Puzzle Mallet, Bowfront Bureau, Hall Mirror
  • May/June 2001

    Projects Include: Prairie Chairs, Curved Garden Bench, Scroll Saw Nameplates
  • March/April 2001

    Projects Include: WWII Display Cabinet, China Cabinet, Arts and Crafts Style Lamp
  • January/February 2001

    Projects Include: A Bed for Readers, Shop-built Disk Sander, Portable Router Caddy
  • November/December 2000

    Projects Include: Mission Table, Articulating Camel, Circular-cutting Jig
  • September/October 2000

    Projects: Greene and Green Desk, Designing with Full-size Mock-ups, Veneered Checkerboards
  • July/August 2000

    Projects Include: Heriloom Bookcase, Shadow Boxes, Croquet Set
  • May/June 2000

    Projects Include: Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stools, Apothecary Cabinet, Four Great Shop Jigs
  • March/April 2000

    Projects Include: Prairie Lamp, Dart Board Cabinet, Winged Dragon
  • January/February 2000

    Projects Include: Hall Table, Arts & Crafts Picture Frame, Ultimate Router Jig
  • September/October 1999

    Projects: Undelivered Letter Box, Beanie Babies’ Biplane, Arts and Crafts Dining Table
  • July/August 1999

    Projects Include: Oval Coffee Table, Chickadee Birdhouse. Entry Way Bench
  • May/June 1999

    Projects Include: Picnic Table, Jewelry Box, Basic Toy Box
  • March/April 1999

    Projects Include: Dining Room Chairs, Walnut Weekend Wonders,Walnut Disk Music Box, Federal Secretary Desk
  • January/February 1999

    Projects Include: Ultimate Sharpening Station, Corner Cabinet,Rolling Tea Table
  • November/December 1998

    Projects Include: Beenie Babies’ Bus, Irish Parlor Clock, Spinner Puzzle, Trestle Table, Cricket Xylophone
  • September/October 1998

    Projects Include: One Board Entry Table, Magnetic Drill Press Vise, Rose Intarsia Jewelry Box, Scroll Sawn Corner Shelf
  • July/August 1998

    Projects Include: A Workbench to Stand the Test of Time, Greene & Greene Server Table, Picture Frame in a Hurry
  • May/June 1998

    Projects Include: Round Barn Toy, Prairie Table Lamp, Fast-track Curio Cabinet, Shop-built Sanding Blocks, Maple Fireplace Mantel
  • March/April 1998

    Projects Include: Garden Pergola, Frame-and-Panel Chest, Baker’s Bench, Plywood Storage Cart, Craftsman-style Outdoor Lantern
  • January/February 1998

    Projects Include: Top-Drawer Humidor, Pine Display Cabinet, Carved Picture Frame, Prairie-style Wall Sconce, Rolling Tool Caddy, Mahogany Corner Shelf
  • November/December 1997

    Projects Include: Little Red Rocker, Crow Chaser, Prairie-style Desktop Bookshelf, Cigar Humidor, Scrolls Christmas Puzzles, Five Turned Projects, Pen and Pencil Case, Photo Frame Holder, Carved Bandsaw Box, Train Display Cabinet
  • September/October 1997

    Projects Include: Traditional Oak Night Stand, Contemporary Dining Chair, Plantation Shutters, Craftsman-style Round Table, Artist’s Easel
  • July/August 1997

    Projects Include: Kaleidoscope, Arts and Crafts-style Baby Crib, Classic Mahogany Entry Door, Computer Facelift, Small Workbench
  • May/June 1997

    Projects Include: Corner-Keyed Blanket Chest, A Gallery of Pedestals, Shadow Boxes, Shop-built Trammel
  • March/April 1997

    Projects Include: Contemporary Dining Table, Garden Arbor, Sunrise Door Mat, Craftsman-style Outdoor Lantern, Personalized Home Plaque, Garden Gate
  • January/February 1997

    Projects Include:Perfect Miter Jig, Angle-Front Sideboard, Classic Schoolhouse Desk, Arts and Crafts Privacy Screen, Shop-Built Cam Clamps
  • November/December 1996

    Projects Include: Holiday Wall Plaque, Compact Disc Holder, Tile Trivets, Teddy Bear High Chair, Turned Candle Holder, Prairie Lantern, Collector’s Cabinet
  • September/October 1996

    Projects Include: 20th Anniversary Clock, Coopered Door Cabinet, Contemporary Hall Mirror, Shop Sideboard, Inlaid Mountainscape Knives
  • July/August 1996

    Projects Include: Breakfront Tool Chest, Child’s Book Rack, English Pub Table, Sliding Dovetail Box
  • May/June 1996

    Projects Include: Chippendale Foot Stool, Pueblo Day Bed, Glass Display Case, Toy Steam Roller, Contemporary Hall Table
  • March/April 1996

    Projects Include: Raised Panel Umbrella Stand, Build a Better Bat House, Memorabilia Case, Jewelry Box, Mobile Plywood Storage Rack
  • January/February 1996

    Projects Include: Hoosier Hutch, Lacework Mirror, Governor Winthrop Floor Cabinet, Rosette Router Jig, Roadbed Compactor
  • November/December 1995

    Projects Include: Mahogany Bookcase, Aerial Firetruck, Spice Cabinet, Mail Truck Bank, Governor Winthrop Cabinet, Turned Desk Clock
  • September/October 1995

    Projects Include: Knee-High Woodworking Bench, Arts and Crafts Era Hall Tree Seat, Puzzle Art, Bevel-edged Long Mirror, Art Deco Earring Chest
  • July/August 1995

    Projects Include: Turned Duck Call, CD Storage Cabinet, Ten Drawer Dresser, Wooden-hinged Fly Box, Evolving Shop, Gentleman’s Box
  • May/June 1995

    Projects Include: Tablesaw High Fence, Trout Landing Net, Redwood Hammock Stand, “Front Porch” Breakfast Table and Chairs, Custom-designed Tool Holders
  • March/April 1995

    Projects Include: Tool Cabinet, Keeping Chest, Bulldozer with Tractor/Trailer Rig, Hunt Board, Courting Flute, Egyptian Bookends
  • January/February 1995

    Projects Include: Early American Wall Clock, Child’s Easel, Eight-point Deer Intarsia, Queen Anne Chest, Pierced-Tin Wall Cabinet
  • November/December 1994

    Projects Include: Classic Pontiac Coupe, Making a Table with “Through” Dovetails, Winter Sleigh Scene, Jewelry Armoire, Victorian Santa, Side Wheeling Ferryboat Toy, Country Colonial Blanket Chest, Two Simple Jigs
  • September/October 1994

    Projects Include: Mitered Boxes, Jenny Lind Cradle, Tablesaw Edge Jointer, Cutting Board, Dino Playset, Halloween Mobile, Intarsia Trout
  • July/August 1994

    Projects Include: Easy-build First Workbench, Compact Computer Desk, Easy to Build Tenon Jig, Folding Sun Seat, Jack-and-the-Beanstalk Child’s Growth Stick, Driftwood Troll Carving, Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Letter Holder
  • May/June 1994

    Projects Include: Affordable Through-Dovetail Jig, 6-Drawer Coffee Table, Oval Collapsible Basket, Salt & Pepper Set, The Wonderful Woody Wagon, Bad Puppy Intarsia
  • March/April 1994

    Projects Include: Recycling Island, Seascape Clock, Knock-down Router Table, Bowed Psaltry Instrument, Baseball Bat, Mystery Maze Toy, Spring Bouquet Decoration
  • January/February 1994

    Projects Include: Porringer Top Tea Table, Dust Control Sanding Center, Kids’ Riding Biplane, Pierced Tin Pine Cabinet, Katchina Bookends, Moving Bead Puzzle, Heart-shaped Box, Oak Dentil Molding Picture Frame
  • November/December 1993

    Projects: Santa Carving, Old-Time Icebox, Contemporary Jewelry Box, Windowpane Mirror, Miter Gauge Fence, Helicopter, Boat and Truck Toys, Scroll Saw Noah’s Ark Toys, Victorian-style Wall Shelf, Kid’s Modular Desk and Chair Set
  • September/October 1993

    Projects Include: Intarsia American Eagle Decoration, Heirloom Blockfront Chest, Super Box Joint Jig, Old Fashioned Farm Table, Western Desk Pen and Pencil Holder, Bunny Rabbit Puzzle, Quilt Crane, Magazine Slipcases
  • July/August 1993

    Projects: Early American Corner Cupboard, Gossip Bench, Band Saw Cutoff Table, Sports Car Toy, Pussycat Napkin Holder, Aerobic Step, Desktop Bookshelf, Cherry Letterbox with Mountain Scene Relief Carving
  • May/June 1993

    Projects: Country Pie Safe, Collapsible Basket, Humpback Whale Intarsia Decoration, Classic Jewelry Chest, Skittles Game, Porch/Yard Swing, Handsaw Caddy, Shaker Cabinet
  • March/April 1993

    Projects Include: Garden Arbor, Table Lamp, Super Tenon Jig, Grandchild’s Clock, Sample Chest, Display Box, Drying Rack, Kids’ Adirondack Chair & Settee
  • January/February 1993

    Projects Include: Cherry End Table, $30 Workbench, CD Carousel, Desk Clock, Kitchen Message Center, Feathered Friends Mobile, Cimarron Bookcase, Hammered Dulcimer
  • November/December 1992

    Projects Include: Governor Winthrop Slant-Front Desk, Fabulous Futon, Low-cost Router Table, Toy Livestock Truck, Heirloom Jewelry Box, Scroll-sawn Nativity Scene, Early American Doll Bed, Wall Cabinet
  • September/October 1992

    Projects Include: Early American Pine Hutch, Child’s Windsor Chair, Universal Table Saw Jig, Convertible Step Stool/Chair, Plastic Bag Handle, Acrobatic Bear Folk Toy, Kid’s Kitchen Playcenter, Easy-builder Bookshelves
  • July/August 1992

    Projects Include: Lawn Glider, Aeolian Harp, Candle Holders, Big Rig Tractor/Trailer Toy, Audio/Video Remote Rack, Western-style Belt Buckle and Bolo Set, Side-By-Side Chest/Cupboard, Grinder Stand, Sawhorse/Outfeed Table, Utility Shelf
  • May/June 1992

    Projects Include: Cherry Lingerie Chest, Picnic Table, Butternut Breadbox, Tabletop Napkin Holder, Rollerball Game, Intarsia Raccoon Decoration, Drill Press Organizer, Country Curio Clock
  • March/April 1992

    Projects Include: Universal Band Saw Jig, Colonial-style Ratchet Lamp, Sideboard Chest, Salt & Pepper Shaker, Two Deck Railing Planters, Kalimba Thumb Piano, Fishing Rod Rack, Shopmade Handscrews, Contemporary Table
  • January/February 1992

    Projects Include: Country Pine Mirror, Drop-leaf Dining Table, Chess Set, Shop Workcenter, Bandsawn Heart Box, Scroll-sawn Door Harp, Classic Firetruck Toy, Toucan-on-a-Branch Intarsia Decoration, Window Valance
  • November/December 1991

    Projects Include: Country Pine Writing Desk, Hurricane Lamp, Children’s Desk and Bench, Classic Colonial Dollhouse, Keepsake Jewelry Box, Father Christmas Carving, Heirloom Toy Chest, Plastic Bag Recycler, Four Faux Turned Vases
  • September/October 1991

    Projects Include: Colonial Bench, Shop-Built Mortising/Tenoning Table, Pine Wall Cabinet, Gun/Bookcase/Curio Cabinet, Tilt-Action Dump Truck Toy, Cooling Rack, Salad Tongs, Serving Board, Recipe Box
  • July/August 1991

    Projects Include: Mountain Dulcimer, Shaker Drop-Leaf Table, Easy Picture Frames, Shop-made Lathe Chuck, Napkin Holder, Fisherman Whiligig, Horse and Cart Toy, Gumball Machine
  • May/June 1991

    Projects: Router Storage Cabinet, Eli Terry Shelf Clock, Adirondack Rocker, Pennsylvania Small Chest, Dresser-Top Coin Bank, Oak Music Stand, Toy Airport Baggage Train, Pierced-Tin Spice Cabinet
  • March/April 1991

    Projects Include: Redwood Potting Bench, Connecticut River Valley Highboy (Part II), Roadster Toy, Early American-style Curio Shelf, Sink-top Cutting Board, Pine Vanity, Window-Mounted Birdhouse, Octagonal Jewelry Box
  • January/February 1991

    Projects Include: Santa Fe Chair, Santa Fe Table, Clamp Rack, Provincial Bench, Step Stool, Box with Marquetry Top, Ash Wall Desk, Fork Lift Toy, Connecticut River Valley Highboy (Part I)
  • November/December 1990

    Projects Include: Provincial Four-Poster Bed, Kona Jewelry Box, Christmas Angel Folk Carving, Dolphin Rocking Toy, Walnut Hand Mirror, Perpetual Calendar, Hanging Bird Feeders, Country Pine Table, Shaker Chest of Drawers
  • September/October 1990

    Projects Include: TV and VCR Cabinet with Pocket Doors, Shaker Woodbox, Cabinet with Punched Tin Doors, Sushi Set, Carved Pineapple, English Cutlery Tray, Toy Train Set, Workbench, Portable Tool Chest
  • JulyAugust 1990

    Projects Include: Sunburst Mirror, Slant-back Cupboard, Folding Deck Table, Two Toy Dragons, Colonial Sign, Barbecue Tray, Workbench Helper, Harvest Table, Oak Plate Rack
  • May/June 1990

    Projects Include: Shaker Tall Clock, Garden Table, Garden Chair, Planter Box, Stackable Shoe Rack, Victorian Wall Shelf, Child’s Stepped-back Cupboard, Cat Push Toy, Tabletop Armoire
  • March/April 1990

    Projects: Santa Fe Bench, Early American Mirror, Shop-built Sanding Blocks, Cookie Jar Holder, Hourglass, Candle Holder, Toddler Cart, Folk Fiddle, Plant Stand
  • January/February 1990

    Projects Include: Tavern Table, Mortise & Tenon Mirror, Weaver’s Chest of Drawers, Tissue Box Cover, Band-Sawn Napkin Holder, Grasshopper Pull Toy, Compact Disc Holder, Shop-built Spindle Sander, Wall-Hung Ironing Board
  • November/December 1989

    Projects Include: Bed-and-Breakfast Tray, Mission-style Trestle Table, Jewelry Box, Kids’ Bobsled, St. Nicklaus Carving, Carousel Toy, Box Drum, Dancing Man Folk Toy, One-Board Towel Rack, Secretary Desk
  • September/October 1989

    Projects Include: Oak Globe Stand, Country Bake-Room Table, Chippendale Small Chest, Stacking Desk Trays, Pencil Box, Apple Doorstop, Space Shuttle Toy, Marquetry Coasters, Ice Chest with Marbleized Top
  • July/August 1989

    Projects Include: Country Pie Safe, Shaker Long Bench, Folk-Art Sign, Toy Farm Tractor and Wagon, Miniature Flower Cart, Kitchen Tongs, Pine Wall Cabinet with Tinsel Art, Stacking Bookshelves
  • May/June 1989

    Projects Include: Jewelry Chest, Storage Seats, Table Saw Gauge, Oval Extension Table, Nessie Pull Toy, Back Massager, Decorative Wall Key, Country Wall Shelf, Contemporary Mirror
  • March/April 1989

    Projects Include: Oriental Mirror, Adirondack Settee, Country Village, 18th Century Tilt-Top Table, Toy Fishing Trawler, Trivets, Folk-Art Cow, Greek Revival Birdhouse, Pine Armoire
  • January/February 1989

    Projects Include: Shaker Wall Cabinet, Shop-Built Disk Sander, Cherry Table, Pine Wall Clock, Rock and Roll Toy, Contemporary Candlesticks, Merganser Duck Decoy, Child’s Table and Chairs
  • November/December 1988

    Projects Include: Child’s Carousel Lamp, Shaker High Chest, Table Saw Crosscut Box, Country Vegetable Bin, Whale Pull Toy, Colonial Wall Sconce, Treetop Christmas Ornament, Classic Pickup Truck Toy, Contemporary Cradle
  • September/October 1988

    Projects Include: Oak Bookcase Desk, Miter Cutting Jig, Captain’s Clock, Country Coffee Table, Rooster Folk-Art Silhouette, Harvest Basket, Bird Push Toy, Pencil Post Nightstand, 18th-Century Pencil Post Bed
  • July/August 1988

    Projects Include: Four-Drawer Lamp, Oak Magazine Rack, Occasional Table, Mitered-Corner Box, Heart Stool, Decorative Cutting Boards, Kids’ Piggy Bank, Turned Bowl, Country Cupboard
  • May/June 1988

    Projects Include: Hunt Table, Loon Carving, Early American Dry Sink, Contemporary Dresser, Old-Time Pipe Box, Antique Knife & Fork Tray, Dutch Tupip Folk-Art Silhouette, Colonial Salt Box, Bud Vase, Miter Gauge Stop
  • March/April 1988

    Projects Include: Folk Harp, Oak & Glass Tier Table, Crystal Regulator Clock, Early American Candlesticks, Arrow Wall Decoration, Three-Drawer Country Wall Box, Key Cabinet, Contemporary Box, Shaker Carrier
  • January/February 1988

    Projects Include: Early American Pierced Tin Cabinet, Contemporary Coffee Table, Puss ’n Books Bookends, Cookbook Holder, Wooden Jewelry, Child’s Duck Puzzle, Shaker Wall Clock, Stereo Cabinet and Speakers, Country Occasional Table, Drill Press Fixture
  • November/December 1987

    Projects Include: Curio Cabinet, Rocking Horse, Three-drawer Jewelry Chest, Leg Tapering Jig, Rolling Toy, Folk Art Silhouette, Two Towel Racks, Early American-style Wall Shelf, Corner Cupboard, Stacking Wine Racks
  • September/October 1987

    Projects Include: Pine Woodbox, Contemporary Love Seat, Two-Drawer Oak Platform Bed, Snail Pull Toy, Routed Trivets, Spice Rack with Chip Carving, Joiner’s Tool Chest, Shaker Step Stool, Turned Shop Mallet
  • July/August 1987

    Projects Include: TV/VCR Cabinet, Early American Style Bookcase, Pine Trash Container, Sturdy, Low-cost Workbench, Country Basket, Desk Calendar with Pen & Pencil Holders, Butterfly Pull Toy, Vanity Mirror with Drawer, Apothecary Chest
  • May/June 1987

    Projects Include: Display Pedestal, Kitchen Canister Set, Riding Biplane, Contemporary Serving Cart, Napkin Holder, Decorative Planter, Country Vegetable Bin, Pine Medicine Cabinet, Shop Drum Sander, Vienna Regulator Clock
  • March/April 1987

    Projects Include: Shaker Sewing Desk, Garden Bench and Table, Mirrored Wall Shelf, Rhombohedron Puzzle Toy, Wood Sawyer Whirligig, Folk Art Door Stop, Kangaroo Pull Toy, Colonial Pine Wall Shelf, Contemporary Hall Table
  • January/February 1987

    Projects Include: Shaker Blanket Chest, Glass-Top Dining Table, Dovetailed Stool, Jewelry Box, Door Harp, Toy Firetruck, Canada Goose Mobile, Balancing Sawyer Folk Toy, Early American Style End Table, Jointer Push Board
  • November/December 1986

    Projects Include: Early American Hamper, Cube Table, Rabbit Pull Toy, Old-Time Sled Wall Shelf, Cassette Tape Holder, Dog/Cat Bed, Vanity Mirror, Early American Washstand, Router Table, Victorian Sleigh
  • September/October 1986

    Projects Include: Desk with Tambour Top, Vanity Case, Stool, Coffee Table, Blanket Chest, Mortar and Pestle, Whale Fold Art Silhouette, Toy Wagon, Cranberry Rake, Router Bit Box, Shaker Drop-leaf Table
  • July/August 1986

    Projects Include: Shaker Slat-Back Side Chair, Wall-Hung Display Cabinet, Latticework Planter, Country Bucket Bench, Adirondack Chair, Coffee Mill, Clamdigger’s Basket, Box of Shapes Toy, Disk Clock, Tenon Jig, Dictionary Stand
  • May/June 1986

    Projects Include: Victorian Whatnot Shelf, Contemporary Lamp, Early American Bench, Steam-bent Clock, Pine Hutch/Cupboard, Canada Goose Basket, Toy Crane, Condiment Holder, Shop Workstation, Parsons Table, Shaker Lap Desk
  • March/April 1986

    Projects Include: Zebrawood Veneered End Table, Shaker Oval Box, Microwave Cart, Pin-Hole Puzzle, Tumbling Monkey Toy, Early American Wall Box, Kicking Donkey Whirligig, Shaker Side Table, Wooden Mallets, Federal Period Washstand, Connecticut Shelf Clock
  • January/February 1986

    Projects Include: Freestanding Shelf Systems, Chippendale Bachelor’s Chest, Oriental Serving Tray, Country Bench, Antique Knife Tray, Tape Dispenser, Valentine Box, Toy Tow Truck & Car, Shaker Drop-leaf Table, Shop-made Bow Saw, Child’s Settle Bench, Plate Shelves
  • November/December 1985

    Projects Include: Moravian Chair, Dulcimer, Oak Dining Table, Shaker Washstand, Marking Gauge, Veneered Wall Clock, 4x4 Off-Roader Toy, Teddy Bear Puzzle, Duck Pull-Toy, Landscape Cutting Boards, Early American Tall Clock, Pine Desk Organizer
  • September/October 1985

    Projects Include: Colonial Schoolmaster’s Desk, Contemporary Sideboard, Mahogany End Table, Victorian Seat and Coatrack, Cutlery Wall Cabinet, Sing-out Plant Hanger, Prancing Horse Silhouette Decoration, Block Puzzle, Iron Caddy, Toy Ironing Board, Early American Water Bench, Wooden Smooth Plane, Shaker Sewing Box
  • July/August 1985

    Projects Include: Gate-leg Table, Computer Desk, Workshop Shaving Horse, Stamp Dispenser, Crumb Collecting Breadboard, Toy Trucks, Early American Wall Shelf, Pivot-top Game/Coffee Table, Settle Bench, Shaker Single-Drawer Cupboard, Fold-up Workbench
  • May/June 1985

    Projects Include: Stool, Wall Cabinet, Shaker Desk, Kitchen Cart, Contemporary Wall Clock, Colonial Wall Sconce, Card Box, Towel Bar with Glass Shelf, Marble Race Toy, Cradle, Vanity Mirror, Miter Clamping Jig
  • March/April 1985

    Projects Include: Queen Anne Lowboy, Television/VCR Stand, Early American Corner Cupboard, Toy Tool Set, Windspinner Hanging Decoration, Woodchopper Whirligig, Chinese Puzzle, Cut-off Jig, Blanket Chest, Shaker Harvest Table, Blacksmith’s Tool Tray
  • January/February 1985

    Projects Include: Early American Step Table, Oak Barrister’s Bookcase, Parquet Table, Shaker Trestle Table, Bandsaw Wooden Scoops, Toy Biplane, Book Ends, Contemporary Candle Holders, Necktie and Belt Holder, Keyed Miter Jig, Modular Coffee Table and Bar, Magazine and Book Rack, Contemporary Chest of Drawers
  • November/December 1984

    Projects Include: Stickley Chair, Tool Cabinet, Shaker Sewing Stand, Lighted Display Pedestal, Teardrop Clock, Pierced Tin Cabinet, Toy Fire Truck, Bee Pull Toy, Colonial Doll House, Kitchen Organizer, Wine Server, Grandfather Clock (Part II)
  • September/October 1984

    Projects Include: Contemporary Stereo Cabinet, Shaker Woodbox, Bongo Box, Nesting Tables, Shop Trammel, Letter Opener, Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill, Toy River Ferry and Car, Toy Top, Cookbook Holder, Hall Table, Grandfather Clock (Part I)
  • July/August 1984

    Projects Include: Wall Clock, Oak Swing, Candy Dispenser, Coffee and End Tables, Tugboat and Barge Toys, Lazy Susan, Early American Mirror, Colonial Pipe Box, Sewing Machine Cabinet, Cam Clamp, Hamper
  • May/June 1984

    Projects Include: Country Vegetable Bin, Folding Desk Chair, Shaker Pedestal Table, Wall Hung Display Cabinet, Coat Hanger, Toy Car and Trailer, Paper Towel Holder, Carved Hand Mirror, Writing Desk, Carved Walking Stick, Laminated Clock, Oak and Glass End Table
  • March/April 1984

    Projects Include: Shaker Wall Clock, Compact Dry Bar, High Chair, Kitchen Cannister Set, Colonial Water Bench, Stacking Desk Trays, Wooden Brooches, Toy Bulldozer, Rocking Horse, Contemporary Table, Wall Hung Telephone Cabinet, Pipe Smoker’s Organizer
  • January/February 1984

    Projects Include: Shaker End Table, Medicine Cabinet, Tape Deck Rack, Captain’s Clock, Stacking Storage Drawers, Veneer Bracelets, Toy Car Carrier, Infant Bead Toy, French Bred Cutter, 19th Century Kitchen Clock, Early American Trestle Table and Benches, Table Saw Cut-off Table, Coaster Set
  • November/December 1983

    Projects Include: Lighted Wall Planter, Roller Stand, Early American Wall Shelf, Dressing Screen, Wine Rack, Shaker Chest of Drawers, Waterbed, Toy Train, Mitten Box, Hooded Doll Cradle, Coal Scuttle, Elephant Push Toy
  • September/October 1983

    Projects Include: Shaker Writing Desk, Modelmaker’s Bench, Canning Jar Storage Shelves, Turned Bowl, Oriental Table, Router Table, Band Saw Box, Toy Firetruck, Toy Airplane, Spoon Rack, Magazine Rack, Bootjack
  • July/August 1983

    Projects Include: Turned Lamp, Duck Decoy Decoration, Antique Sugar Chest, Record Album and Tape Cabinet, Chinese Tea Table, Old-World Weather Forecaster, Toy Tractor & Cart, Display Pedestal, Two Planter Projects, Collector’s Plate Stand
  • May/June 1983

    Projects Include: Oak Pedestal Table, Drafting Table, Early American Wall Shelf, Folding Snack Table, Pine Corner Cupboard, Toy Car, Boat and Trailer, Letter Opener, Contemporary Serving Tray, Hanging Mirror with Shelf, Carved Eagle Decoration, Early American Portable Bookcase
  • March/April 1983

    Projects Include: Porch Swing, Homemade Jig Saw, Cheval Mirror, Punched Tin Spice Cabinet, Television Stand, Nautical Table Lamp, Wooden Scale, Nesting Cube Tables, Steam Roller Toy, Back Massager, Mailbox, Wall Shelf, Chippendale Mirror
  • January/February 1983

    Projects Include: Workshop Tote Box, Tinsel-Art Mirror, European Spinning Wheel, Key Holder, Dump Truck Toy, Bang-a-Peg Toy, Puzzle, Wall Cabinet with Reverse Glass Stencil, End Grain Table Lamp, Butler’s Tray Table, Contemporary Clock, Pine Cabinet
  • November/December 1982

    Projects Include: Lyre Clock, Geodesic Lighting Fixture, Sawhorse Dining Table, Oak Desk Clock, Shaker Wall Shelves, Old-time Radio Case, Cider Press Lamp, Contemporary Hanging Light Fixture, Firewood Rack, Toy Tool Box, Christmas Tree Ornaments, Fish Rider Pull Toy, Woodpile Trivet, Circle Cutting Router Jig
  • September/October 1982

    Projects Include: Early American Hanging Corner Cupboard, Breakfast Serving Tray, Veneered End Table, Chess Table, Chest of Drawers, Contemporary Writing Desk, Towel Holder, Whale Toy, Laminated Shoehorn, Spaghetti Measure, Candle Holder, Horizontal Boring Jig
  • July/August 1982

    Projects Include: Footstool, Toy Chest, Plant Stand, 18th Century Lawyer’s File Case, Frame and Panel Joint with Decorative Bevel, Collector’s Plate Frame, Toy Jeep, Trestle Table and Bench, 19th Century Danish Washstand, Contemporary Wall Valet
  • May/June 1982

    Projects Include: Country Kitchen Cabinet, Rough-sawn Cedar Clock, Swinging Cradle, Toy Helicopter, Casserole Dish Holder, Weather Station, Octagonal Planter, Tambour Desk, Band Saw Boxes, 19th Century Step-Chair, Sailing Ship Weather Vane
  • March/April 1982

    Projects Include: Early American Chest, 18th Century Corner Shelf, Pine Footstool, Cheese Cutting Board, Napkin Holder, Trivets, Coaster Set, Pierced Tin Cabinet, Hutch Clock, Oak File Cabinet, Mahogany Tripod Table, Wall Hung Plant Bracket
  • January/February 1982

    Projects Include: Contemporary Sofa Table, Artist’s Easel, Candle Box, Laminated Box, Butch Block Knife Rack, Front Push Toy, Mirror, Table Lamp, Empire Footstool, Desk Caddy, Stepped-back Hutch, Buckboard Seat, Latticework Cutting Jig
  • November/December 1981

    Projects Include: Old-time Icebox, Victorian Sled, Tile Clock, Wine Glass Holder, Mahogany Wall Shelf, Inkwell, Bagel Slicer, Seal Push Toy, Wooden Combs, Antique Knife Tray, Memo Cube, Fireplace Bellows, Contemporary Shelving, Weather Station, Shop-built Bar Clamp
  • September/October 1981

    18th Century Folding Table, Musical Jewelry Box, Colonial Candlestick, Wall Shelf, Toy Hippo, Spalted Boxes, Woodbox, Sewing Cabinet, 18th Century Tavern Table, Router Jig for Stopped Dadoes
  • July/August 1981

    Project Include: Longhorn Steer Decoration, Bike Rack, Miniature Chest, Doll House Bed, Curio Shelves, Belt Rack, Rocker Footrest, Early American Wall Shelf, Multipurpose Cabinet, Box Cutting Jig
  • May/June 1981

    Projects Include: 18th Century Sleigh Seat, Child’s Step Stool, Kiddie Gym, Flying Duck Decoration, Dominoes, Trouser Hanger, Mug Rack, Folding Sun Seat, Ship’s Wheel Table, Contemporary Buffet Table
  • March/April 1981

    Projects Include: Child’s Rocker, Bandsaw Jig, Push-Pull Toy, Half-Round Table, Spoon Rack, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Calculator Stand, Anchor Thermometer, Plant Stand, Oak Writing Desk, 18th Century Chair Table, Shop-built Handscrew
  • January/February 1981

    Projects Include: 18th Century Wall Shelves, Hand Mirror, Cutting Boards, Tic-Tac-Toe Game, 18th Century Vanity, Shaker Pine Cupboard, Tenon Jig, Towel Ring, Matchbox, Corner Shelves, Contemporary Cabinet, Black Forest Clock, Shop Drawing Board
  • September/October 1980

    Projects Include: Cabinetmaker’s Workbench, Coffee Table, 19th Century Cherry Table, Kitchen Utensils, Book Rack, Decorative Nuts and Bolts, Nutcracker, Walnut and Glass Bank, School House Desk, Booster Seat
  • November/December 1980

    Projects Include: 17th Century Mantle Clock, Toy Truck, Bud Vase, Grain Scoop, Letter Rack, Telephone Memo Caddy, Toy Circus Wagons, Library Stool, Quilt Rack, Ratchet Table Lamp, 18th Century Trestle Table, Lathe Steady Rest
  • July/August 1980

    Projects Include: Magazine Rack, Gothic Oak Stool, Doll Cradle, Cribbage Board, Nut and Bolt Toy, Basketweave Planters, Pine Wall Clock, Router Bit Box, Pine Cellarette, Lap Chessboard, Pine Wall Box
  • May/June 1980

    Projects Include: Miniature Campaign Chest, 19th Century Sawbuck Table, Decorative Frog, Violin Sconce, Shaker Cutlery Tray, Bracket & Planter, 2x4 Chair and Stool, Cottage Chair, Wooden Lock
  • March/April 1980

    Projects Include: Log Rack and Carrier, Red Barron’s Triplane Toy, Pine Pie Safe, Glass Top Coffee Table, Contemporary End Table, Pine Commode, Corner Cupboard (Part II), Butcher Block Toy Box, Mahogany Corner Shelf, Trivet and Jig
  • January/February 1980

    Projects Include: Doughboy End Table, Contemporary Love Seat, Restoring Antiques, Chairside Table, Corner Cupboard (Part I), Pine Corner Cabinet, Knife Rack-Cutting Board, Apple Mirror, Tape Dispenser
  • November/December 1979

    Projects Include: Clothes Tree, Pine Floor Lamp, Early American Harvest Table, 18th Century Mirror, Candle Sconce, Serving Tray, Napkin Holder, Pine Lap Desk, 19th Century Washstand, Tot’s Tricycle, Swedish Door Harp
  • September/October 1979

    Projects Include: Shaker Table, Contemporary Tier Table, Porch Swing, Wall Clock, Wall Cabinet, Record & Tape Cabinet, Clam Digger’s Basket, Crocodile Pull Toy, Wall Shelf
  • July/August 1979

    Projects Include: Sofa Table, Tea Cart, Candle Sconce, Whittled Chain, Cabinetmaker’s Lamp, Country Cupboard, Table Saw Mutli-fence, Rabbit Pull Toy, Whale Pull Toy, Inlaid Spool Chest
  • May/June 1979

    Projects Include: Cherry Dressing Mirror, Pine Medicine Cabinet, Divided Patio Settee, Early American Dry Sink, Spanish Chair-side Chest, Pine Fishing Rod Rack, Utility Table, Hidden Maze Toy, Child’s Wall Rack
  • March/April 1979

    Projects Include: Weathervane, Magazine Rack, Roll Top Desk (Part II), Music Stand, Corner Shelves, Pine Blanket Chest, Shaker Style Bed, Disappearing Money Toy, Pecking Bird Toy
  • January/February 1979

    Projects Include: 18th Century American Settle, Pine Lap Desk, Coffee Table, Classic Roll-Top Desk (Part I), Contemporary End Table, Plant Stand, Walnut Serving Tray, Curio Table, Candle Box, Open Wall Box, Tumbling Toy, Colonial Spoon Rack
  • November/December 1978

    Projects Include: Stereo-End Table, Contemporary Lamp, Towel Holder, Shoeshine Box, Pine Mirror Frame, Pulley Planter, Turtle Pull Toy, Kangaroo Puzzle, Shaker Wool Wheel (Part II), Chopping Block Table, Table Saw Tapering Jig, Half-Round Table, Practical Bird Feeder
  • September/October 1978

    Projects Include: Pine Wall Shelf, Nail Box Lamp, Doll Cradle, Contemporary Candle Lantern, Plant Stand, Shaker Wool Wheel (Part I), Contemporary Table, Veneered Puzzle, Picture Frame, Pine Gun Cabinet
  • July/August 1978

    Projects Include: Hobby Horse, Magazine Rack, Pipe Cabinet, Bow-Front Candle Stand, Fiddle Foot Stool, 18th Century Water Bench, Octagonal Wall Clock, Boomerang, Bowl Making Jig, Giant Compass
  • May/June 1978

    Projects Include: Shaker Table Lamp, Aeolian Harp, Salad Cutting Board, Onion Cutting Board, Trestle Desk, Bookcase, Boat Weathervane, Louis XV Table, Animal Mobile, Round Tapering Jig, Tudor Birdhouse
  • March/April 1978

    Projects Include: Apothecary Chest, Pine Chair, Colonial Wall Shelf, Key Decoration, Victorian Towel Rack, Candle Sconces, Plant Holders, Pine Coffee Table, Balancing Sawyer Toy, Magazine Binder, Shaker Steps, Walnut Serving Tray, Queen Anne Stool
  • January/February 1978

    Projects include: Double Duty Edge Sander, Colonial Dry Sink, Gossip Bench, Bookcase Night Table, Shaker Portable Chest, Victorian Washstand & Mirror, Vanity Mirror, Rustic Wall Plaque, Aquarium Stand
  • November/December 1977

    Projects include: Firewood Box, Valet Stand, Victorian Sleigh, Super Top, Hourglass, Salt Box, Towel Rack, Miniature Chest, Fruit Tray, Wine Rack, Pencil-Post Bed, Shaker Settee, Shelving System, Swinging Cradle, Ox Yoke Decoration
  • September/October 1977

    Projects include: Taper Cutting Jig, Counting-house Desk, Dancing Man Folk Toy, Shaker Step-Chest, Duck Decoy, Fish Wall Decoration, Whale Wall Decoration, Stallion Wall Decoration, Hutch-Cupboard, Collector’s Cabinet, Box-Joint Jig
  • July/August 1977

    Projects include: Shaker Drying Rack, Pine Trestle Table, Candle Sconces, Toy Riverboat, 19th Century Shelf Clock, 19th Century Wall Shelf, Wheelbarrow Planter, Child’s Desk and Bench, Cube Table, Parsons Table
  • May/June 1977

    Projects include: Colonial Plate Rack, 17th Century Hutch Table. Adirondack Lawn Chair, Cross Buck Picnic Table, Colonial Blanket Chest, Shaker Candlestand, English Tea Box, Swan Rocker, Key Rack, Belt Buckle, Towel Bar, Small Shaker Table, Toy Train
  • March/April 1977

    Projects Include: Contemporary Coffee Table, Butterfly Wing Table, Little Red Wagon, Shaker Bench, Fife-Rail Lamp, Shaker Wall Cabinet, Cookie Jar Holder, French Bread Board, Pot Holder, Book Case Desk, Butcher Block Table, Home-made Clamp, Practical Bird House
  • January/February 1977

    Projects include: Shaker Woodbox, Old-Time Toys, Bunching Tables, Glass Top Tables, Early American Wall Shelf, 19th Century Steeple Clock, Butler Tray Table, Velvet Lined Treasure Chest, Louvered Hamper, Colonial Pipe Box